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Walt's Plumbing is pleased to offer these helpful tips:

  1. Locate the water supply shut-off valve to your home. When you have a leak, this may be crucial. The water main is the pipe that allows water to come into your house. It is usually located on a basement wall or crawl space near the front outside faucet, and the shut-off valve is connected to this pipe. Turn the valve handle clockwise to shut off all the water in the house.
  2. Your sink and toilet should have a shut-off valve. You can turn off these valves without interrupting the main water supply.
  3. Do not put kitchen grease in your drain.
  4. Grind food in the disposal for two full minutes and add cool water.
  5. If water pressure is low in kitchen, remove aerator with a set of small pliers, eliminate the debris in aerator, and then reinstall aerator.
  6. If there is a serious leak in the water service outside the house, the water must be shut off at the meter. Most homeowners do not have the tools to turn off the meter. Call your local water department to shut off your water, and then call a qualified plumber.
  7. If water backs up in your tub or toilet, stop using all water until a professional can clear the blockage.
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